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Math Education

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How to Encourage Your Child to Apply Math Concepts in Daily Life

When most people think about math, their minds automatically flutter to images of complex algorithms, intricate equations, and sprawling graphs. It’s almost as

A woman helping a student

Tips for Finding the Right High School Math Tutor: Important Qualifications to Look For

Sometimes, your child may need extra help with their math classes. In such cases, you might consider hiring a tutor to provide additional

Handwriting of geometrical tasks on examination, practice, quiz or test in geometry class. Solving exponential equations background concept.

How To Help Your Child Transition from Primary to Secondary School Math

The transition from primary to secondary school mathematics can be a challenging experience for both children and their parents. Many students often complain

Growth Mindset, Study Habit

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Effective Strategies For Handling Your Child’s Poor Report Card

The feeling of despair that accompanies a child’s poor report card is far from pleasant, evoking a tumult of emotions ranging from disappointment

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One Key Ingredient in Doing Well in School – Self-Awareness

Some students excel in school quite easily, scoring high on tests without requiring additional tutoring or assistance. On the other hand, some students

A group of teens using their phone

How Social Media and Smartphone Usage Affect Children’s Learning

Before the pandemic, we used to operate a brick-and-mortar learning centre in Toronto. Students would patiently wait for their lessons in the designated

Literacy and Reading

Woman reading with child

Nurturing a Lifelong Love for Reading in Your Child

Cultivating a passion for reading in children is an investment that will pay off in countless ways throughout their lives. For starters, it

Becoming a Fluent Reader: A Guide for Parents to Support Their Children

Fluent reading is vital for a child’s academic and personal growth. It is the ability to read text accurately, quickly, and with appropriate

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8 Ways to Empower Your Child’s Vocabulary Growth

As a parent, you might be wondering how to support your child’s language development effectively. Understanding the importance of a strong vocabulary cannot

How To Help Your Child Succeed – Tutoring and Homework Guide

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Why Tutoring Is Not Working For Your Child

After-school tutoring can assist students in catching up on missed school content and preparing for tests, as well as boosting their confidence. Many

Small girl feeling desperate and holding HELP sign while homeschooling

How You Can Help Your Child in Writing Skills

Helping your child develop strong writing skills is essential for their overall educational success in elementary school and beyond. However, many children face

Girl, laptop and education with girl and teacher on video call, distance learning and homeschool online lesson. Learning, class and child enjoy math activity with friendly tutor at table in her home.

Should I Choose In-Person Tutoring or Online Tutoring for My Child?

The debate surrounding the effectiveness of online tutoring compared to in-person tutoring has grown in relevance as technology continues to advance. As more

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Advanced Learning

Help your child get ahead.

An advanced learning or gifted class is a specialized educational program tailored to challenge and enhance the intellectual capacity of high-achieving students beyond regular curriculum standards.

School Life

School can be fun and stressful place

Dive into our engaging articles that discuss various aspects of school life, exploring relatable experiences, challenges, and triumphs faced by students and educators in today's academic landscape.

Educational Technology

What is educational technology and how does it help?

Educational technology is the use of digital tools and innovative methods to enhance learning. Discover insightful articles about this exciting field and its impact on education and learning.

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