A boy screaming, thinking of numbers

Dealing with math problems can be a challenging task for most children. Countless worksheets filled with numbers, complex formulas, meticulous calculations, can often result in them making errors. While mistakes are a part of learning, too many careless mistakes could impact a child’s confidence and performance. This article aims toContinue Reading

Schoolboy sitting and looking at phone

One of the more frequent questions I received from parents concerned how to help their child improve focus. Many were worried about their child’s inability to concentrate; the child could only study for a brief period before becoming restless or succumbing to distractions. Lack of focus is a common problem.Continue Reading

Girls studying in lecture

Effective note-taking is an essential skill for high school and university students. It enables them to actively engage with lectures, retain information, and prepare for exams. Having studied science-intensive subjects at the University of Toronto where every lecture was fast paced, I can confidently say that possessing effective note-taking skillsContinue Reading

Asian little girl with stationary writes in the book on the table.

Time management and organization skills are crucial components of academic success. While some children may naturally possess these traits, others may need a little help from their parents. If your child’s study habits could use improvement, don’t worry! Here, we delve into practical strategies to help your child stay organizedContinue Reading