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Top Websites and Apps to Boost Students’ Learning

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With advances in technology and the switch to digital learning methods, numerous websites and apps are now geared toward helping students enhance their learning experience and review course materials more efficiently. This article focuses on some of the best platforms that both students and teachers can explore to make learning more engaging and effective.

Khan Academy

Screenshot of Khan academy

Without a doubt, Khan Academy is one of the most popular and comprehensive educational websites out there. It offers a wide range of courses and subjects, including math, science, history, and computer programming. The platform is free and provides tailored content to help students track their progress and focus on the areas they need most. All lessons come with interactive exercises, videos, and articles to ensure that students can master the concepts quickly and efficiently.


Desmos screenshot is an advanced online graphing calculator that empowers students, teachers, and professionals alike to explore and understand complex mathematical concepts through interactive and visually appealing tools. Not only does this intuitive platform cater to users from all backgrounds and skill levels, it also provides a vast array of educational resources that seamlessly integrate into lesson plans, making learning more engaging and stimulating. By leveraging the power of, students can easily create customizable graphs, analyze data, and solve equations with the aid of its user-friendly interface and sophisticated algorithms.



Duolingo is a language-learning platform that offers a fun and engaging way to learn various languages. The app and website provide users with a collection of interactive lessons, games, and quizzes to help them practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in their chosen language. The lessons gradually increase in difficulty, allowing users to progress at their own pace. In addition, Duolingo offers a supportive community where learners can connect with native speakers and fellow language enthusiasts for additional practice and guidance. It’s a great resource for students who are learning a foreign language in school. Overall, Duolingo is an excellent resource for individuals who want to expand their language skills in a convenient and enjoyable way.



YouTube offers a vast repository of educational content that can significantly enhance students’ learning experiences. It allows students to access a treasure trove of instructional videos, tutorials, and lectures from esteemed professionals across various disciplines globally. These resources can aid in better comprehension of complex concepts, as well as supplement their classroom education. However, while YouTube can be an invaluable tool for academic enrichment, it also poses the risk of distracting students from their studies. The platform is filled with an endless stream of entertainment content that could easily lead to unproductive browsing, thereby veering students away from their intended learning goals. Hence, students must exercise discipline and focus while utilizing YouTube as an educational resource.



Quizlet is an online platform that allows students to create, share, and find digital flashcards. It makes studying more interactive and fun by providing various modes, such as flashcards, quizzes, games, and more. Students can also use Quizlet for effective memorization and to track their progress. Quizlet has been proven to help students learn more quickly and retain information better in subjects like English, languages, history, and science.



Brainscape is another exceptional platform for creating and finding digital flashcards, but with a unique twist. It introduces the concept of “Confidence-Based Repetition” to optimize the learning process by spacing out repetitive flashcards based on the learner’s self-assessed confidence in their knowledge. Brainscape’s adaptive learning platform can significantly improve students’ learning speed and retention.

Elevate – Brain Training


Elevate is a mobile app designed to help students improve their cognitive skills in areas such as reading, writing, speaking, and math. With over 40 brain games that adapt to the user’s performance, the app focuses on enhancing memory, attention, speed, and flexibility.

Google Classroom

Google classroom

Google Classroom is a user-friendly resource that allows teachers and students to easily manage, organize, and collaborate on assignments and coursework. Teachers can create classes, distribute materials, grade assignments, and communicate with students – all within a single platform. Over the years, Google Classroom has become one of the top tools that teachers use to share classroom materials and homework with their students.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these platforms are just some of the top websites and apps that students and teachers can harness to elevate the learning experience and ensure that course materials are reviewed efficiently. Exploring and incorporating these resources can significantly impact students’ education and help them achieve academic success.